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Hi world, it’s me. Welcome to my site and my blog. First, let me introduce myself. I will start by telling you about my name. I am a Ukrainian, but my first language is Russian. My mom gave me a Russian name Elena. Because this name is of Greek origin, it has forms in almost any other language of the world. So when I was given my passport, it, of course, contained the Ukrainian version of my name: Olena. I also studied English from the elementary school. My English teacher called me by the English form of my name, which is Helen. So when I came to the States for college, I naively used Helen everywhere including my documents. This was fine until my friends bought me a ticket to fly home for Christmas and used Helen on it. Well, the ticket was almost lost because the name on it had to match the name in my passport. Thank God, after hours of phone calls to various airline representatives, I was able to get them to reissue the ticket with the correct spelling of my name. Lesson learned. Now, I started using Olena on all my documents. Still, friends and colleagues know me as Helen. Recently, I had a funny incident at work when a customer wrote an email saying, “Olena and Helen, thank you both for the job well done.” I had a good laugh. Despite all this “trouble,” I love my name because of its meaning. It means “shining light” in Greek and “light or mercy” in Hebrew. The light of my life is Jesus. My name gives my life meaning. It reminds me that I should shine the light of Christ and His love to the world. Hope my website sheds some light into yours. Welcome!

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